Due to some unusual weather our lychee crop is coming in much later this year.  We will probably have lychee available in the second or third week of June.

Emails will go out (to people who bought fruit last season) asking for your order.  When you receive that email you will be able to choose "Extra Fancy" or "Number 1".  Extra Fancy will be $60 for an 8 pound box delivered via USPS.  Number 1 will be $50 for an 8 pound box delivered via USPS.  Hawaii addresses only!

For those who didn't or were not able to order in last season it is likely that we will have Number 1 lychee available for you sometime during the season.  Use the contact form below to get on the list for lychee.


We had a problem with our emails being sent directly to spam folders in previous years.  To deal with that we have signed up with Constant Contact to handle our emails and hopefully avoid that problem in the future.  If you haven't received our emails this year and were expecting to, please use the form below to insure delivery of future emails.  You may also use this form to sign up for future emails.



We are not producing longan fruit this year due to heavy demand for trees in the nursery.  We are using our longan trees to propagate more longan trees this year.



Durians have skipped a season now. 


We are waiting patiently for the next crop.

Please call me at (808) 937-8397 or email for availability.



In the nursery we concentrate on grafted or air-layered fruit trees with some flowering and/or fragrant trees. 


Also some windbreak species such as podocarpus and panax.  Please call me about shipping air-layers to US mainland.

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